Monday, October 27, 2014

The Halloween Book Trail is LIVE!


Are you ready to start the Halloween Book Trail? Click on the icon for the trail you'd like to start with. Each post will link to the next stop. Once you reach the end, you will be faced with a quiz! This is a good thing. It's easy, if you've followed the path! All trails have 6-7 authors, with the exception of the Cemetery trail which has 11!

Once you finish one quiz, come back here and start a new one.

The trail ends on November 1st at 11:59 PM!


**Update 10:41AM** I know some links are down and we are fixing that ASAP! I'm adding them here under each Trail icon while we get that fixed!

Kick off with Tamara Ireland Stone! 
2. Louise Galveston
3. Robert Lettrick
4. S.J. Kincaid
5. Jennifer Torres
6. Alexandra Duncan
7. Beth Revis

Kick off with Anne Greenwood Brown!
2. Leah Clifford
3. Jenny Lundquist
4. Suzanne Lazear
5. Jessica Spotswoods
6. Marissa Burt

Kick off with Jeannie Mobley! 
2. Holly Schindler
3. Brit McGinnis
4. Kami Kinard
5. J. Duddy Gill
6. Clay McLeod Chapman

Kick off with Diana Renn! 
2. Katlyn Duncan
3. Gretchen McNeil
4. Tracy Bilen
5. Rin Chupeco
6. E.C. Myers
7. Dianne Salerni
8. Sarvenaz Tash
9. M.G. Buehrlen 
10. Mary Crockett
11. Heather Marie

Kick off with A.C. Gaughen! 
2. Kat Kruger 
3. Gina Damico
4. Erica Cameron
5. Zoraida Cordova
6. David James

Happy journeying! 

If you have any trouble with a post, just leave a comment on this page.

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